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KJ&E has completed several jobs for us between 2 houses! Their work has included a bathroom remodel, deck build, and basement remodel to accommodate an additional living space. All of their work was done on time, in budget, and to great satisfaction.Read More

KJ&E has completed 2 jobs for us. They replaced the fence in our backyard and did a bathroom remodel. We were thrilled with both! Julio and the other contractors were friendly and attentive. We highly recommend!Read More

KJE has done multiple jobs that have enhanced my home. These included new siding, exterior whole house painting, and the addition of a large deck. They worked closely with me, were transparent about what was needed to ensure structural integrity, and made excellent design and materials recommendations. The siding and house paint have refreshed and updated my home dramatically. The deck created one of my family’s favorite outdoor spaces! I could not be more pleased with their work.Read More